EP.15 – Catching the Wavve with Baird Hall [AUDIO]

This week we are excited to welcome Baird Hall, the founder of Wavve.  This is a platform that allows any podcast producer to easily create visualized audio players.  Like this one from our podcast interview.


See it can be increasingly difficult for to get your podcast episode to stand out online and in social media. Especially in an ever growing video world.  However, this tool means anyone can post large vibrant moving images that will grab people’s attention.

Now visualized audio is available on some other hosting platforms or as proprietary tools for larger podcast networks, but Wavve looks to bring this technology to every podcast producer out there.

So take a spin and discover how your podcast marketing can get turned up.

2 Comments on "EP.15 – Catching the Wavve with Baird Hall [AUDIO]"

  1. I have been using this for a few weeks and have had great luck with it. It’s especially good if you do interviews as it gives interviewees something they can pass along via social media and elsewhere.

  2. Thanks David for that feedback. That’s awesome to hear!

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