EP.19 – Steve Henn of 60db [AUDIO]

When I reached out to do this interview with Steve Henn, I really thought this conversation would be focused on the consumer benefits of the really cool 60db podcast discovery app.  However, as the talk revved up, I quickly realized this chat was just as much about the podcasting industry and strategies that are going to help all content producers, as it was about their software.

We start by looking at the team responsible for 60db and their respective backgrounds which range 60db on Apple Devicefrom radio producer to Silicon Valley wizzes.  It became clear that Steve and his team weren’t just creating an app, they were focused on how to get people to fall in love with the podcast experience the same way millions had become attached to listening to the radio for decades.  There was a considerable amount of thoughtfulness that went into the development of this software.

It also becomes very clear that the team, which started as Tiny Garage Labs, really understands the digital content landscape and are working hard to make sure podcasting enjoys the same level of success that video has.  They talk to content producers and they actually have staff that coaches newsrooms on developing better stories that get higher engagement rates with the audience.

And they are open to helping everyone.  Steve invites content creators to email him if they have questions about the 60db platform and how their content can better succeed.  He also makes a strong case for short-form audio stories, vs the 35-minute plus content that most of us are used to creating.

So even if you don’t have content for 60db, you probably want to listen to Steve because I have a hunch that he and his team will be behind some of the bigger advances in this space that will help all digital audio producers thrive.

In the meantime, make sure you check out 60db online, in the Apple app store, and through Alexa. (which I called Alexis on several occasions).  And keep an eye out for 60db on Android devices and the Google Home ecosystem.

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