EP.37 – Joe Berman of PodtoPod [AUDIO]

It has been one year since the podtopod.com website launched. To celebrate that milestone, we decided to chat with the brand’s founder, Joseph Berman. He started this brand as just a newsletter, and now it is a comprehensive resource for podcasters.

In this chat, we go into the history of the PodtoPod, how Joe and Mathew connected to form this website, and what has changed for podcasting this past year after the website launch.  Most notably, the cool factor of podcasting. When this site launched, we would tell folks we worked in podcasting, and they would show polite interest.  Today, there is genuine excitement when you share with folks that podcasting is not just your hobby, but it’s your job.

We hope that we can continue to grow with the podcasting space and provide you with the best resource available. If there are ways we can improve the site for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know.

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