EP.22 – PodDB Co-Founder Steph Garrett [AUDIO]

This week we are taking a closer look at PodDB, a podcast directory that is looking to become the IMDB of digital audio production.  Helping us to take a closer look is PodDB co-founder, Steph Garrett.

In this chat, Steph explains the motivation behind PodDB, namely her selfish curiosity to learn more about the people producing great podcasts.  We also explore all of the features of PodDB, which lists hosts, guests, producers, editors, writers, sound designers, creators, and more.  Think about movie credits and apply those to podcasts. That is what PodDB is looking to create.

Steph and her team are working super hard to gather as much information as possible but they could use your help too.  Go ahead and create or register your podagraphy, make sure your shows are included, and then start adding all of the pertinent information.  This will help them to create a more robust resource for the entire podcasting community.

We also look at some future features of PodDB, which has the potential to produce a ton of data that could be valuable to podcast producers and networks. Data that has never existed before.  This whole idea could also lead to some discussions about standardized credits for podcasts to recognize the amazing work that goes into them, and also protect other people’s intellectual property.

I went ahead and registered my podagraphy, which already included my work on podtopod, but I was able to add most of the podcasts that I currently produce as well.

It’s a very cool resource and one I think we’ll all be using and talking about for a long time to come.



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