EP.31 – Charlie Birney of Podcast Village [AUDIO]

It’s always fun to talk to folks who have created podcast specific workstations and today’s chat is no exception.  Joining us, is Charlie Birney, co-founder and executive director at Podcast Village in Gaithersburg, MD.

Charlie’s path to creating a podcast studio and place where people can produce their own message is very unique, however there it’s something that could possibly be repeated by others in the podcasting community.  As Charlie highlights, simply being out and about with a microphone is an easy way to drum up business.

As part of this podcast studio, he hosts his own show, Launch Podcast: Stories About Startups, that is a compliment to the co-working space he is collaborating with to have a podcast studio.  He also goes and does production in other’s people’s offices.

The conversation also turns to video and how this can be a complimentary tool to your podcast in many different ways. And Charlie is a consummate doodler and if you follow the Podcast Village and its shows, you will see evidence of his work.  His doodle is the cover art for this particular post.

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