EP.35 – Shannon Martin of Podbean [AUDIO]

Shannon Martin, Director of Communications, for Podbean jumps on from Shanghai to discuss some of the changes coming to their hosting service.  They have unveiled a new app marketplace for podcast producers.  The market will give them new and exciting new features for their podcast production.

The app marketplace is open source, so new programs will come from both Podbean developers as well as others who want to develop software solutions.  Right now the offerings are limited but include free Dropbox integration with your hosting, google analytics and a brand new audience behavior data.

Speaking of audience response data, Sharon also reacts to the news that Apple plans on making listener data available to podcast producers.  The information should provide useful insight to help podcasters better understand how users interact with their shows.

She was also excited about the new tags in the RSS feed that will include seasons, which will make it easier for users who enjoy that type of content.


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