EP.20 – Managing Podcast Reviews with Daniel J. Lewis [AUDIO]

Thrilled to have podcast superstar Daniel J. Lewis, famously known for The Audacity to Podcast. He’s also the creator of a great service for podcasters called MyPodcastReviews.com.  This is a site that collects all of the podcast reviews for your shows and delivers them to you.  It can be a powerful tool for managing your podcast reviews, something most podcasters may not think to take advantage of.

One way this program helps in managing your podcast reviews is that it gives you the power to post your reviews on your website or social media.  And Daniel reveals some of the ways he uses his podcast reviews as a powerful marketing and engagement tool on all of his shows.  It’s also an excellent service because you normally only see reviews from other users in your country. This helps you scan reviews from every nation’s iTunes store.

But the conversation doesn’t end there, we also talk about best practices for sampling podcast audio on your own show, Daniel’s listening habits when it comes to enjoying podcasts on his personal time, and the proliferation of apps for the podsumer.

We also take a deep dive into the pros and cons of sharing your audio content on video platforms like YouTube.  You’ll want to listen closely and consider what Daniel suggests. He’s created a ton of content, both audio and video, and has a large sampling of data to pull from, so he has some really incredible insight.

***We will be at Podfest 2017 this week, so there’s a decent chance we don’t have a new podcast episode Tuesday***

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