EP.29 – Lindsay Patterson of Kids Listen [AUDIO]

Good news parents, you can continue to consume podcasts when your kids are with you! Our guest this week is an expert in that topic. Lindsay Patterson is a co-founder of Kids Listen and is the creator, producer, and co-host of Tumble, a science podcast for kids.

Not only is there amazing podcast content created just for children, but new research from Kids Listen finds, that kids love it!  Kids Listen, the grassroots organization of advocates for high-quality audio content for children, recently released some early numbers from a study they did, and the findings Kids Listenwere incredible.

One, it’s very clear that kids are listening to podcasts, and enjoying them.  So much so that 20% of the respondents indicated that their kids listened to a single episode more than 10 times.  What’s more, the kids became super engaged in that content.

Kids not only listen frequently, they engage deeply with the content. Nearly 75 percent of families surveyed said that after listening, kids start discussions related to the podcast they just heard. They also commonly quote or re-enact part of the episode (58 percent of respondents), tell others about what they learned from the podcast (56 percent of respondents), ask to listen to the episode again (54 percent of respondents) and request more information about what they learned (52 percent of respondents).

It’s because of those findings that we had to reach out and chat with someone from this industry group for kid podcasters, which touts an impressive list of members. On this episode, Lindsay shares more about their research findings, techniques to producing high-quality content aimed at kids, and strategies to engage with your audience.  Unsurprising, many of these tips are similar to what any podcaster should be doing.

However, the biggest takeaway is that kids can make some of the best and most loyal listeners. So if you have been thinking about creating content aimed at a younger audience, make sure you listen to Lindsay advocate for this content.


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