EP.36 – Jaime Jay of Castrly [AUDIO]

If podcasting is not just your hobby but is also your profession, then you are going to be very interested in today’s podcast.  We are chatting with Jaime Jay, Founder and Creator of Castrly, the workflow software solution for podcast producers and writers.  With Castrly you have an amazing organizational tool that will streamline and assist in podcast production work.

Castrly was born out of necessity because Jaime also runs podcast production company Slapshot Studios. (Jaime is also host of the Stop Riding the Pine Podcast) They were wasting a lot of time and using a host of different pieces of software to manage their client work. They decided to create this one-stop shop that streamlines your workflow, emails clients/team members when the next task is ready, stores the audio, and even handles the billing.

In fact, in one test it took Jaime’s team an average of 51 minutes to do everything in project management that didn’t include the actual editing, producing or writing involved with podcast production.  With Castrly, that figure dropped to 17 minutes.

It’s the first workflow system that we have found specifically designed for podcast producers and one that we think you should check out.


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