EP.28 – Paul Isaacs of Sound Devices on the MixPre Podcast Recorder [AUDIO]

Paul Isaacs, Director of Product Management and Design at Sound Devices, joins us to discuss their new line of audio recorders.  The MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 are incredible devices that will help you create professional sounding audio easily.

These devices were announced last week, and while we didn’t have a chance to get our hands on them, we can tell from this conversation with Paul about their amazing capabilities. For starters, these are USB interfaces that also allow you to simultaneously record onto an SD card, which provides you with software and hardware solution.  They can create a mix-minus so that they can replace a full mixer for those exploring a more complicated podcast studio setup. And they high-performance, ultra-low-noise microphone preamps, making it simple to get an incredible sound when recording.

You can hear the quality of this device first hand since Paul recorded his side of the conversation using his MixPre for this call.  We’re excited to see these devices in action and will hopefully share a full review once we get the chance to test them out.

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  1. Paul, Can you do a mix-minus with The MixPre-3 and MixPre-6 when connecting to a Mac or any computer to record Skype calls? Regards Jamie. It would be great to see a diagram of a setup.

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