EP.25 – Benefits of a Podcast App [AUDIO]

This week we chat with Caroline Harper, App Creator at SemiCustomApps.com.  Caroline discusses the benefits of a podcast app for your show.  She was creating apps for other services and realized that this was a natural fit for podcasters too.

One of the biggest benefits of a podcast app is that this gives your show its own home on people’s smartphone. When users download your app, they can be exposed to it almost every day which will put your show top of mind. Otherwise, they have to go into their favorite podcatcher to see it. , talks about the benefits of creating a standalone app for your podcast and some of the cool features that can be included.

With your own app, you can also make it easier for your listeners to review your podcast, find show notes and links from an episode, create a host of new notifications for your audience, and provide you with more advertising opportunities.

However, creating apps and submitting them is a bit more complicated than getting your podcast on iTunes.  That’s why it could be good to work with someone like Caroline. And as a special bonus, Caroline is offering a special $200 discount to you.  Just use the promo code podtopod when you order your podcast app.  (Not an affiliate link for us, just a bonus for you)

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