EP.23 – Mark Ramsey on Better Podcasting [AUDIO]

Thrilled to have Mark Ramsey join us on the podcast today.  Mark is a veteran media strategist, researcher, consultant at MarkRamseyMedia.com, and now the producer on a brand new project with Wondery called ‘Inside Psycho.’  Mark shares a huge amount of insight, experience, and wisdom from his years in media that is a huge value to the podcast community.

One of the biggest and best takeaways from this conversation is the importance of putting out content that you care about. There is so much podcast content out there that if you are not going to work on a passion project, you are probably going to struggle to find momentum.

That’s also an important point about finding your niche. The more you are able to drill down on a specific topic, the more likely you are to put out something unique and interesting. You are also more likely to find the right audience that will be committed to your project, which will give you staying power.

And as Mark points out, we stress why you shouldn’t fall victim to vanitycasting, the idea of just wanting to produce a show for the sake of having a podcast. Which is unlike his motivation for the new ‘Inside Psycho’ project. (which we announced on podtopod last week) As we talk, you quickly learn that Mark wasn’t just trying to fill a need, this is something that he would likely produce even if you weren’t paying him.  With that kind of passion, it is a lot easier stay motivated and continue to produce content that you care about, which probably means your audience will care about it.

With Mark’s extensive career in radio and broadcasting, there are a lot of lessons to learn. Get ready to take notes and think about your production with the wise Mark Ramsey.


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