EP.24 – Addy Saucedo of the Podcast Planner [AUDIO]

Had the privilege to meet and present with Addy Saucedo, creator of The Podcast Planner, at Podfest back in February. As soon as I heard her discussing this product I knew this was something we had to share.

One of best benefits touted by Addy about The Podcast Planner is that it can help you avoid podfading.Podcast Planner Because the planner helps you organize your thoughts and brainstorm a strategy, you are more likely to stick to a plan and create a thriving product. This will also help you identify the right topic to discuss on your show and avoid vanitycasting.

However, in this chat with Addy, we review more than just the benefits of The Podcast Planner itself. We also talk about the lessons she has learned as a podcaster and producer that have led to successes. Things like focusing on a single listener and not trying to appeal to everyone at once. She also noted that once you’ve published your episode, the battle is only half over, you have to market it.

I think you are going to really enjoy Addy’s insight and experience. And you may consider grabbing a copy of The Podcast Planner to make sure your next project or even current podcast thrives.

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