EP.18 – Glenn Rubenstein and Podcast Advertising [AUDIO]

The holy grail to many podcasters is getting paid to do what you love, which in many cases means advertising.  If that is your ultimate goal you are going to love this week’s guest.  Glenn Rubenstein is Podcast Advertising that Worksthe founder of podcast advertising agency Adopter Media and author of  “Podcast Advertising Works: How to Turn Engaged Audiences into Loyal Customers.”

In this chat, we look at Glenn’s work history and what led him to a career podcast advertising. We explore some of the key points in his book that focuses on what you need to know to engage in podcast advertising both as a podcast producer and brand.

If you are already accepting podcast ads or if you are thinking about creating sponsorship opportunities, this chat, and Glenn’s book (available in our Bookshelf) is a must.  The tips, hints, and experiences he shares will be of great value.  It will ensure that you create a worthy opportunity for brands that work with you while also ensuring your listeners aren’t turned off by your attempt to generate revenue.

3 Comments on "EP.18 – Glenn Rubenstein and Podcast Advertising [AUDIO]"

  1. Great resource. Thanks for sharing and here’s my question.

    I run a directory portal site for my local community and take on local merchants as clients. The portal is free but I offer my marketing services in the backend for whoever needs such services.

    I was thinking of monetizing my site even more by creating podcasts for my fanbase can listen to. Do you think this is a viable idea ?

    I’m getting your book now.

    • Hi Juan,

      That’s a really good question. Want to email it to mathew [at] podtopod dot com. I can talk to you about that idea or pass your question on to Glenn

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