EP.33 – Mark Moriarty of Awesound [AUDIO]

I had the great pleasure of interviewing Mark Moriarty, the founder of Awesound, a long time ago on the PodUp podcast when he was first getting started.  I was excited to bring him back to talk about some new updates to his podcast hosting solution.

Awesound bills itself as the complete solution for hosting and monetizing your audio.  It comes up with the common features like RSS feed generation, social sharing, custom domain options, and granular stats. The essential functions that are critical to any decent podcast hosting solution.

However, Mark has always been excited about his advanced offerings for podcasters, and that hasn’t stopped recently.  He offers transcription for your podcast to improve SEO, interactive audio linking into their embeddable player, and monetization strategies that include referrals and advertising.

Today these features are pretty standard but Mark set the bar pretty high when he first introduced this podcast hosting solution a few years ago.  This conversation also highlights an important principle in all aspects of your podcasting, which is to make sure you explore all of your options.  Awesound may not be the right one for you but knowing what other features exist can help you decide which podcast hosting company will help you.

Beyond just a look at what Awesound is doing and how it could help your podcast grow, we discuss what he is observing about the podcast space in his last few years as a podcast technology company.  We look at the severe fragmentation going on for both podcast consumers and the producers. The race to get new subscribers and why you should be more focused on quality listeners vs. just a high number of them.

Frankly, it was also just fun to catch up with an old friend.  There were a lot of good laughs in the episode with Mark, so I hope it’ll put a smile on your face.

Thanks for tuning in and please enjoy this conversation with Mark Moriarty of Awesound.

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