EP.27 – Georg Holzmann of Auphonic [AUDIO]

Excited to have caught up with Georg Holzmann, co-founder, and developer at Auphonic.  Auphonic is a powerful and useful piece of software that can help podcasters with the production and processing of their audio.

It will automatically add intro’s and outro’s to audio, metadata, publish (depending on the service that you use), and importantly apply processing features like leveling, normalization, noise reduction, and more. It’s super easy to use and you can either subscribe, pay for one-time credits, or you could download their software to have access to their full suite of features all the time.

They are also looking to add new features to this easy-to-use software solution. For example, they have speech recognition software in beta that could help you to generate transcripts for powerful SEO tools.

It’s amazingly simple software that will help novice podcasters get past some of the technical hurdles to producing higher quality audio.

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