EP.32 – Anne Wootton of Audiosear.ch [AUDIO]

A few people had mentioned this software in the podtopod slack group, and so we decided to see what they were so excited to share.  Boy, are we glad we did! Today’s episode features Anne Wootton, CEO, and Co-Founder of Audiosear.ch. Audiosear.ch is a one-stop search and recommendation engine for podcasts.  They transcribe, timestamp, tag, cluster, and collect ratings and reviews for thousands of shows.  Their plan is to do this for all of them at some point.

What that means is that eventually, you will be able to search the text of thousands of podcasts instead of just relying on the description and metadata.  This product will help you discover podcasts that are focused on a particular theme or person, or maybe tackled an issue you care about in a single episode.

They also have a filtered search function where you can find shows by date, network, length, and buzz score.  Of course, that now raises a critical question.  What is buzz score?

Here’s how they explain it.

Using a variety of indicators, including reviews and recommendations from thousands of sources across the web, our algorithm assigns each episode a score so that it returns the best results available.

You can head to Audiosear.ch right now to start using these features for yourself, but you may already be depending on where you consume podcasts.  They currently power the search within popular apps like Otto and RadioPublic.

If you have a favorite show, you are probably already included in their database.  However, if you head over to the site and you do not find yourself, just contact the team, and ask to be added.  The team is pretty responsive.

You should also know that Audiosear.ch is not the first product from Anne and co.  They are also behind PopUpArchive, which helps podcasters to make their content searchable on their platform and infrastructure.

Now while you may not need to be paying for this today, it is important you become part of this database because Anne and her team have big plans for revolutionizing the searchability of content and you do not want to miss that train.

Podtopod sure won’t!

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