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Aric Amendolea Voice Over Artist

I am a professional voice over artist who is readily available to record podcasts. I am by no means looking to hijack someone’s show, hosting or giving any opinions. I would just like to add my voice where needed to bring life to the content. I can record commercials, characters, tags, narration or anything that needs to be heard. There are no limits to audio. Check out some of my samples via soundcloud and if you want to collaborate contact me anytime day or night.

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Hey Voice Over Man
P.O. Box 44075
Las Vegas NV

Voice Overs for Commercials , Intro , Outros, A fellow Podcaster myself I’m available for your voice requirements. Complete production library with music beds, sfx, stingers etc. Professional in home studio using Adobe Audition. Studio One, Twisted Wave software. Fast turnarounds.
Affordable rates. Call today let’s get your show sounding its best.

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Matt Cundill Voiceovers
422 Bower Boulevard, Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3P0L5

Matt Cundill is the voice behind radio stations, commercial products and podcasts. He also narrates corporate videos for brands such as Question Pro and Konica-Minolta, and he keeps you company when you are on hold at DHL Canada, and Cabelas.

Matt Cundill Voiceovers

I provide professional voiceovers for podcast intros and outros, website audio, business narration, commercials, and can even be the host of your podcast.
I can also edit/mix/master your audio projects for you.
Podcasting and voice acting since 2005, I am available to assist you with any questions or concerns you have about all facets of podcasting.

Pro Podcasting Services

From creating great intros and outros, writing your regular show notes (with or without timestamps), advising on and troubleshooting your hardware and software solutions for recording, to full production of white-label podcast series for corporations and events. Pro Podcasting Services is the answer to your podcasting problems.