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Hangar Studios
200 West 50th Street 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10019

With over 20 years of experience in radio, Hangar Studios has become one of the world’s most premier audio recording studios and is home to some of the best podcasts, voice over work, and radio shows out there.
Marker City LA – The Reef

The Media Lab is a production studio for independent film and media professionals and content creators of all stripes. In today’s democratized media landscape, every creative should have ongoing education and access to modern media tools at an affordable price. Our facility includes a soundproofed filming area with a pre-lit green screen that features a new Kino Flo lighting system, edit bays and a podcast recording studio. Everything from a simple product photo shoot to a YouTube series can be produced here.

MixMasters Studio
Long Beach, CA

Since 1999 Mix Masters Recordings has been Greater Long Beach’s Most Affordable choice for Quality Digital Audio Recording, Mixing and Mastering.  We specialize in all MixTape, Hip Hop, R&B and Spoken Word formats. All ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged!!
New Media Studios
2577 Interplex Drive
Trevose, PA 19053
live streaming, phone lines, VOIP
Podcast Detroit

Podcast Detroit thrives on delivering entertaining programming, producing new podcasts, syndicating existing shows, and becoming an outlet for individuals and corporations to reach their target markets delivering easily consumable content. Studios: We have a building in Royal Oak, MI with three studios open 24/7 and a downtown Detroit, MI single studio for business clients. Shows: We currently host over 55 shows in-house while syndicating another 15.
Pro Visual Audio

We’ll eliminate or reduce unwanted flubs and noise. Take out most “umm(s)”, “ahh(s)”, “and umm(s)”, “err(s)”, “like(s)”, “you know(s)” to help you sound more professional. Remove any hiss, hum, clicks or popping sounds along with ambient room noise. Add any intro, outro, background music and FX sounds. Add commercial messages. Will enhance the vocals with EQ, Compression, Normalization, make sure all audio levels are normal and the overall audio level is up to broadcast standards. We can also come to you to multi-track record your podcast in the Central West Florida area. No need to buy equipment or learn anything technical. We’ll do the recording and then the editing of the audio for you.
PRX Podcast Garage
267 Western Avenue
Boston, MA

PRX is Boston’s FIRST podcast studio. It’s a recording studio and educational hub dedicated to supporting audio makers at all levels.
(617) 208-8911
The Network Studios

We offer 4 platform-based services, which include Studio Rental, Podcasting, VODcasting and Voice-over.   Audio/Video Recording, Podcasting, VODcasting, Voice-Over, Livestream(tm) Broadcasting, Websites, Graphics, Socializing and more.
West L.A. Studios

It is and has always been our goal to provide a creative, friendly & quality environment for the many musicians who are working hard to perfect their craft. Whether you’re working on your live show, or perhaps just writing new material, preparing for an upcoming recording session, or just simply trying to have some fun making music,  West L.A. Studios is the place where you can do it all.  Our #1 priority is to provide you with friendly customer service and to ensure that your experience here is a great one.  We always give you an extra 15 minutes to get settled in prior to the start of your rehearsal and then 15 minutes,  when you’re done to gather your things, in an unrushed manner.