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Studio Trailer by Bear Creek
700 2nd Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980

Finding a quiet place to record your podcast is difficult. We build solutions. We help people who want to work from home, but don’t have a distraction free space, by building portable recording studios, offices and work-spaces that go anywhere you want them to go… from the backyard, to the your clients location or on the road for a mobile lifestyle.

Miranda Shafer

I have extensive experience editing audio and I have access to premier software (Izotope RX) for audio repair, noise reduction and general vocal cleanup. I own a recorder (Zoom H5) and microphones (SM58). Additionally. I can record remote interviews and am always available for tape syncs I have worked in radio and digital audio since 2008. I currently produce the weekly podcast How Do We Fix It?, hosted by ABC News host Richard Davies and former Popular Mechanics editor-in-chief Jim Meigs. I have worked with Richard Davies to start Davies Content (a for-profit podcasting company); major clients of DaviesContent include El Paso Times; Cabot Wealth Management and Sageworks. I recently produced The Richer Life Lab. A podcast hosted by Laura Adams who is also the writer and host of the top-rated Money Girl Podcast. To summarize I can offer the following skills: – Mix, master and post shows to iTunes, stitcher, etc – Edit and clean up audio files using Pro Tools  – Provide post production support: noise reduction, vocal cleanup. – Organize and maintain the production calendar, and task assignments  – Provide voice coaching and technical support to hosts and guest interviewers – Instruct remote guests doing interviews via Skype on how to achieve the best sound quality

Museed Podcast Audio Branding

Your podcast has a brand, a unique story and even a logo. But, when it comes to improving content’s identity, most podcasters forget something: the use of the smartest sound design techniques and tailored music… So old-fashioned!
Museed is the audio branding solution, helping podcasters to comprehensively raise their audio identity.

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Sound editing: Cleanup, compression, ducking, equalization, sound FXs, etc.
Sound design: Indentity and structure with intros, bumpers, incidental music, etc.
Sound monetization: Audio logos, 15-sec fresh jingles, mid-roll backgrounds, etc.

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editing services, Production music
Podcast Detroit

Podcast Detroit thrives on delivering entertaining programming, producing new podcasts, syndicating existing shows, and becoming an outlet for individuals and corporations to reach their target markets delivering easily consumable content. Studios: We have a building in Royal Oak, MI with three studios open 24/7 and a downtown Detroit, MI single studio for business clients. Shows: We currently host over 55 shows in-house while syndicating another 15.

Pro Visual Audio

We’ll eliminate or reduce unwanted flubs and noise. Take out most “umm(s)”, “ahh(s)”, “and umm(s)”, “err(s)”, “like(s)”, “you know(s)” to help you sound more professional. Remove any hiss, hum, clicks or popping sounds along with ambient room noise. Add any intro, outro, background music and FX sounds. Add commercial messages. Will enhance the vocals with EQ, Compression, Normalization, make sure all audio levels are normal and the overall audio level is up to broadcast standards. We can also come to you to multi-track record your podcast in the Central West Florida area. No need to buy equipment or learn anything technical. We’ll do the recording and then the editing of the audio for you.


Record a conversation with anyone, anywhere in the world, and have it sound like you’re in the same room. Works on desktop and mobile devices. Enjoy 25% with podToPod.