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Studio Trailer by Bear Creek
700 2nd Street
Waynesboro, VA 22980

Finding a quiet place to record your podcast is difficult. We build solutions. We help people who want to work from home, but don’t have a distraction free space, by building portable recording studios, offices and work-spaces that go anywhere you want them to go… from the backyard, to the your clients location or on the road for a mobile lifestyle.

Podcast Insights

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Podcast Insights
The Podcast Planner
PO BOX 30984

The Podcast Planner: Podcasting Guide With Templates To Help Podcasters Consistently Plan, Record and Publish
Finally, a planner for Podcasters! It provides everything a Podcaster needs to be organized, motivated and happily podcasting.

Successful Podcasters know how to consistently plan, record, and publish their podcast, and with The Podcast Planner, you can too!

This planner will help you will learn how to podcast by providing you with: episode recording templates (3 show types), content builder, podcast calendar templates, note pages (for ideas, brainstorming and important notes), start to finish episode checklists, inspiring quotes, conversation triggers for helping you get the best out of your interviews.

Whether your mission is to educate, entertain or inspire, this planner has been designed to help you, the Podcaster, stay focused by delivering what you already know, episode by episode.

Buy your planner today!