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Otto Radio

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PHL Diversity
1601 Market Street, Suite 200

PHL Diversity Podcasts are brief insights, views and opinions from tourism and hospitality leaders, meeting/convention professionals and academics regarding specific hospitality, tourism and diversity topics.

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Your guide to information about podcasts and the people creating them.
About Us
This site is led by Steph Garrett and Nazar Sharunenko.

We wanted to create a resource to easily find information about podcasts and the people creating them. This site is an early prototype to share with the community of listeners and content creators.

We encourage everyone to:

Submit episode and show appearances
Browse Records
Share records on Social Media
Provide feedback


Collect and store official data about podcast People, Shows, Episodes, and Networks
Regularly harmonize data for reference and use across the web
Provide tools that enable transparent and trustworthy data connections between hosts, producers, reporters, guests, networks, shows, and episodes


Find the best personalities, shows and events in podcasting!


A social podcast player.

It’s time for podcasting to be more interactive! Tung is a streaming podcast player designed to help you discover the best podcasts – the ones recommended by your peers and friends! Share and sample clips of the most interesting, funny, and poignant moments in a podcast with clip sharing. Discuss your reactions, mention friends, and reply to others in the comments while you’re listening to a podcast.

Subscribe to your favorite podcasts and optionally get notified of new episodes, on a per-podcast basis. Tung remembers your progress on every episode you’ve listened to, and also labels new episodes so you know what to check out next.

The Tung episode screen gives you an interactive episode description with clickable links that you can view without leaving the app. Podcasters can add links and images without any special tools, just by including html tags in the episode description.

When an episode is playing, you can quickly and easily record a clip, recommend the episode or make a comment in the control bar at the bottom of the screen. Swipe the control bar right to reveal more options like playback speed. You can also minimize the control bar to reveal more of the description.

Easily jump between episodes without leaving the player, and download select episodes for offline playback. Never worry about running out of storage on your phone again – episodes automatically delete after one month. Or you can delete your local copy anytime by tapping the download button again.