Podcast Advertising

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AdvertiseCast was created to help podcasters, radio show hosts, and YouTubers be able to make money from advertising. Before AdvertiseCast, the only option for getting sponsors was to sell ads yourself or work with ad agencies which demand large listening audiences. We believe that every show has an audience that an advertiser would love to promote their product, business, or service with. AdvertiseCast makes it easy for advertisers to buy ad spots from you online in one centralized marketplace.

Blubrry Advertising Priority Partner

Improving the full suite of services already offered by Blubrry

Pod Hive

Pod Hive is bringing together up-and-coming podcasts with local and regional advertisers.


A marketplace to buy and sell advertising on your favorite podcasts


Whooshkaa is the complete podcasting platform, helping creators and brands, produce, host, share, analyse & monetise audio on demand content.