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Podcast Junkies Junkies (Closed Group)

Are you truly a Podcast Junkie? Come on in, the water’s warm, the people are super-cool, and we love to have fun. No filters here!

The Shepod

Join aspiring Golden Girls Rachael King & Sara Tenenbein every Sunday for brunch and girl talk with a side of snark. Pop culture & puppies & prosecco, oh my.

A place for ALL 90s-loving aspiring Golden Girls (and boys) to share their own Watching/Eating/Wearing, weekly Gross List, and anything else your prosecco-soaked hearts desire. <3

All are welcome, feel free to add the Sophias and Blanches in your life! New members encouraged to introduce themselves by sharing their original AIM screennames.

And if you were invited but have no idea what the Shepod is, start here: www.shepod.com