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Always Listening: Podcasts Enthusiasts Group (Closed Group)

Not a group to promote your own podcast, but a place to talk about the great new show you found this week, or the show you’ve loved forever, but has recently fallen apart as well as news on podcasts and the podcasting world.

Los Angeles Podcasters Meetup (Closed Group)

LA Podcasters Meetup meets once a month to mix and mingle in Santa Monica to enjoy happy hour and chat podcasting. Here’s the official meetup group, http://www.meetup.com/Los-Angeles-Podcasters-Meetup

Mid-Atlantic Podcast (Closed Group)

A group designed to bring together Mid-Atlantic (AND BEYOND) Podcasters! Hosting meet ups and conferences from NYC down to Virginia! Please invite other podcasters that you know in our area!

North Carolina Podcasters

This group is for people who are interested in all levels of podcasting. We desire to form a community around education, sharing of ideas, collaboration, and marketing. The format for our meetings may include educational speakers, networking, discussion groups, ‘hot seat’ sessions, panel discussions, and more.

This group is to help bring Oklahoma podcasters together, and not just in a digital group. The goal is to work toward several local meetups.

Philadelphia Podcasting Meetup (Public Group)

This is the official Facebook group for members of the Philadelphia Podcasting Meetup Group. You can join the Meetup group here:http://www.meetup.com/Philadelphia-Podcasting-Meetup/members/

podcast recording

This group is for the discussion of podcasts, podcasting, and podcast-related topics. Any and all people are welcome, whether they’re podcasters, podcast-listeners, or just podcast-curious.


Support and facilitate more conversation for the Podcast-Atlanta Meetup group.

Podcast Brunch Club

Podcast listening can be lonely. How many times have you burst out laughing (or wiped away a tear) and turned to share the moment with someone only to realize that you are by yourself? Podcast Brunch Club (PBC) is changing that by bringing podcast listeners together, both in person and online. Unplug and meet others face-to-face by starting or joining a PBC chapter. Or, if you prefer, stay tethered and “tune in” online. Every month we send out a set of “Listening Lists” Chapters meet to discuss the listenings and all PB Clubbers can interact with each other through our online channels. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of the Listening Lists for that month and to hear about club news!


This group has three rules.

1. Play nice! Civil discussion and even respectful disagreement are encouraged but slander, name calling, snide mean spirited or condescending comments are not acceptable behavior. You will get a warning and continued negative behavior will result in a temporary or permanent ban.

2. No question is a dumb question – If you use an acronym please define it and/or give a link to where people can get more info on it. Same goes for terms newbies might not be familiar with.

3. No self-promotion – Introduce yourself when you join and give name and/or url of your podcast but this is not the place to post “hey check out the episode I just posted” Get your own page/group for that.