[PRESS RELEASE] New Partnership Provides Additional Revenue Opportunities for Podcasters

San Francisco, CA, November 16th, 2016 – Podomatic and AdvertiseCast have joined forces to help independent podcasters earn money from podcast advertisements.

Podomatic, a podcasting platform and the largest community of independent podcasters has partnered with AdvertiseCast, the premier online marketplace for buying and selling podcast advertising, to provide podcasters with increased revenue opportunities from businesses and brands looking to advertise through podcasting which continues to increase in popularity as an advertising medium.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Podomatic. They have the world’s largest community of independent podcasters and we are honored they have chosen us to be their exclusive advertising partner. We are looking forward to helping their clients find sponsors”, Trevr Smithlin – Founder AdvertiseCast

Many podcasters are independent creators with a passion and craft who would love to make money from advertisements but are often not considered by advertising companies or larger brands because the smaller podcasters don’t have large followings of listeners. At the same time, smaller businesses can’t afford the advertising rates demanded by large, national brands or agencies. Podomatic and AdvertiseCast’s partnership focuses on long-tail podcasters and creates a marketplace for advertisers to place ads in small to medium sized podcasts. Unlike other forms of media, podcast listeners are more likely to make a purchase after listening to an ad in a podcast since the podcaster has a close relation with the listening audience. Almost all ad spots sold on AdvertiseCast are live read ads which produce the best results.

“Podomatic’s new partnership with AdvertiseCast is what the industry and small independent podcasters were waiting for,” said Sloan Wilson, head of Partnerships and Customer Service at Podomatic. “It was about time for this to happen. Many independent podcasters were left frustrated by advertising agencies that did not understand the opportunity and the special relationship that exists between podcasters and their audiences.”

Podomatic podcasters can create their profile with AdvertiseCast to view and place advertisements. The listing is free and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Podcasters also get a large percentage of the revenue from the advertisement with 80% of the revenue from the ad going to the podcaster.

With more than 11 years of experience, Podomatic is a global leader in providing publishing and hosting services to podcasters. As the world’s largest community of independent podcasters, Podomatic’s core mission is to build the best tools and platform to help podcasters succeed. For more information, visit Podomatic.com.

AdvertiseCast is the premier online marketplace for buying and selling audio advertising from hundreds of publishers . Our self-serve technology makes it easy for publishers to add their audio ad inventory online and we make it convenient for advertisers to shop this inventory in one-centralized marketplace. AdvertiseCast facilitates the entire ordering process and handles all payments and payouts. For more information, please visit our website AdvertiseCast.com .

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