Visualizing Podcast’s Trajectory with Rob Greenlee [AUDIO]

It’s great when we get to speak to well-known industry experts, and this week is no exception. Rob Greenlee is head of content for, host of Spreaker Live Show, and co-host of the New Media Show.  featured-blog-post

Spreaker recently announced a brand new embedded player for their podcast users. It features a large image that is meant to help podcasters attract more listeners.  As you can see in the image, it’s very impressive and part of a large trend towards visualizing audio more effectively.

As part of this chat, we talk about some of the current trends in podcasting.  I wanted to know in an increasingly visual world if listeners are still finding new content online.  Rob assures us that your website is still a very important part of your podcast brand.

We also talked about Rob’s experience in podcasting (he’s been doing this since 2004), what changes he has seen in the industry, and some of the future trends that podcasters have to be thinking about.

**More recently, Spreaker announced some new changes to their CMS that should make it easier for podcasters to manage their shows on the site.

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