Podcasteasy: A CRM for Podcasters

I stumbled across this upcoming software solution on Facebook today and I am really excited to see it in action. Podcasteasy claims to be a CRM for Podcasters.  The brainchild of Matthew Coco, Podcasteasy is looking to offer a software solution that could make your life as a podcaster easier. From the website…

Keep track of your interviewees and related contacts, plan future episodes with handy tools, categorize and tag your episodes for easy reference later, and become part of a world-wide podcasting community!

It seems like it would be really useful for all types of podcasters to keep track of their workflow.  Now there are plenty of other CRM solutions out there, but this appears to be the first and only one that really takes into account the work that podcasters need to do.

Right now, they are in their validation phase, and will only move forward if they get a commitment from at least 50 people.  And they are hoping those 50 people will pay $10 to get early access, as well as half-off their Podcast Superstar plan for life.  They will also offer a freemium plan but are pushing the paid plan to ensure that this build is worth it.

Take a look at the website and decide for yourself if a CRM solution specifically for podcasting is right for you.  And let them know podToPod sent you.

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