Podcast Improvements Come to iOS 10.3 Update

Apple quietly unveiled Podcast Updates iOS 10.3 for Apple devices. Most folks are touting the folder management changes, the carplay updates, or improvements to Siri.  However, we are focused on the changes that make podcasting a bit more enjoyable on your idevice.

iMore.com posted this quick summary of the updates included in 10.3.

The Podcasts app still has a long way to go before it can surpass third-party options, but there are a few nice updates with iOS 10.3: Podcasts now support 3D Touch gestures, and the app offers a Notification Center Today widget to play recently updated shows. In addition, you can now share shows or episodes in Messages and play them back inside the Messages app — no secondary app required.

Podcast Updates iOS 10.3 iMessageWe’ve already had a chance to play with the new widget and iMessage feature.  It looks pretty cool.  Simply go to a podcast episode in the store and select share.  Then when you chose SMS it will appear in your conversation as such, and the person can hit play right there.  Pretty cool.

I sent a version to myself to test it out which is why it showed up twice.

You don’t have full play controls in iMessage but once you start the podcast there, it then moves over to your full media player and you can control it just by swiping up and to the right, for the usual controls.

This is a pretty nifty feature and will make it easier for podcast consumers to share episodes with friends.  It might even make the whole #trypod thing go a lot smoother.

I do fear podcasters taking advantage of this though and spamming people with their episodes. (I’m looking at you, Michael Barbaro). However, for now, this is a great little update.

Apple has also made podcasts available as a widget. For those of you that actually use those, it’s prettyPodcast Updates iOS 10.3 widget neat.  Simply add it to your pre-existing lists of widgets and a row of 4 podcasts will appear by default.  A show more option allows you to open a larger swath of shows.

The only issue here is that you can’t control which episode it will play.  For the most part, you are probably going to get an episode you left off on or the latest one in your playlist, but that could be trouble if your shows are chronological and you are behind. (unless we’re talking S-Town which reversed their order).

Either way, we are really stoked to see Podcast Updates iOS 10.3 and some love to podcasting from Apple.



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  1. Are they adding per podcast voice boost and trim silence settings?

    • The Podcast Consultant | May 8, 2017 at 2:14 pm | Reply

      I didn’t see anything like that in their release notes but they are both solid suggestions

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