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Took a field trip today on behalf of podToPod.  I checked out a brand new podcast studio just outside Philadelphia.  It’s called the New Media Studios.  Podcaster Justin Emery and his team have done an excellent job in building this facility.  It’s built by podcasters, specifically for podcasters.  Period.

Now this is probably not the first space specifically built as a podcast studio. However, it’s the first that I got the chance to New Media Studios Podcast Space Studiovisit, so I was super excited to check it out.  (Big thanks to Joe Pardo for bringing this place to my attention).

This is a small space, but it packs quite the punch.  There’s a studio with a nice conference room table, 6x Shure SM7b microphones, a monitor for taking calls, and a nice sized TV on the wall so hosts can display information to the entire podcast studio.  It’s comfortable, has acoustic soundproofing, and sounds excellent!  (The attached recording was done in said studio).  There’s a small production/control room attached where Justin sits.  There he records everything, is capable of hooking in phone/VOIP calls, and allows any show to live-stream their recording session.  There’s also a nice green room that allows for live monitoring of the show.  And Justin assures me that green room is only getting better.

New Media Studios EntranceIt’s located inside an office park with seemingly quiet neighbors.  Which doesn’t seem to matter much because most of them leave at 5pm when most recordings begin.  Plus, it’s empty on weekends.  The podcast studio is conveniently located near two major highways with ample parking.  That means it’s suitable for bringing in corporate clients and comfortable enough to bring in live guests, which Justin says is becoming increasingly common.

This site has been open for about 6 weeks.  Right now they have a handful of regular podcast shows but he says that at least a dozen more are slated to get started in the coming months. Justin and his team also have other upgrades in the works, including plans to install video cameras, which will allow folks to live-stream their session in the podcast studio. Justin Emery on his Podcast Studio Space

So after learning a bit more about Justin and the facility, I had to take a spin inside the studio.  Thankfully, Justin was willing to sit down and do a quick impromptu interview with me about himself and the New Media Studios.  Although, I may have interjected a lot about myself into the chat as well.  If you want to hear more from him, you can check out his podcast Just In Time.

I felt at home sitting in this podcast studio. It was comfortable, sounded amazing, and I could easily see myself losing track of time while sitting around that table with 5 others. I am excited at the prospect of being able to bring clients here, attend other live shows, and possibly launch an interactive show myself.

Towards the end of the chat, Justin offered advice for anyone who is looking to create a similar space. Don’t Wait.  As someone who has dreamt of building a podcast studio as well, I wish I could be the first one to take him up on that challenge.  I have a few too many things going on now, but I definitely see an opportunity for small recording spaces to proliferate across the country.  There are plenty of podcasters who could benefit from a professional sounding space at a reasonable price.  And these spaces could easily help to grow local podcasting communities.

If nothing else, find out if a podcast studio space like this exists in your community and go check it out.

Check out the New Media Studios here —>


Thanks again to Justin Emery for allowing me to stop by and check out his facility.  Look forward to doing it again. Also, stay tuned as we hope to gather more audio interviews with folks providing valuable services to podcasters and turn it into a brand new podToPodcast!

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