My Podcast Gear, Mathew Passy

As you may have read in our earlier post, we are heading down to Florida this week for Podfest 2017. (If you are coming down, please make sure to say hi) As I started to pack my podcast gear, I thought this would be a great chance to share what is in my backpack that serves as my mobile podcasting studio.

A little backstory, when I am not maintaining the website for PodToPod, I am also a podcast producer and consultant.  In fact, I am in the middle of changing the name of my services from MPassy Productions to The Podcast Consultant.

To help my clients, I have a portable podcasting rig that I bring to offices, homes and shared workspaces.  This is the equipment that has been used to record interviews with CEO’s of billion dollar companies, entrepreneurs working from home, and several episodes of the PodToPod podcast.

So what’s in there:  (Starting from the top left and going down)

I originally used the FocusRite mixer and the laptop for recording.  I have since shifted to the Zoom digital recorder.  However, I still carry the laptop and mixer as a backup.  This bag is all about backup items.  I have an extra recording solution in case something happens with the Zoom. Extra batteries, extra cables, even extra power sources to make sure my phone is always charged when I am on the road.

This is not the best solution, it may not even be the right solution for you.  This one has served me and my clients very well, and if you are in Florida, you will most likely see it at Podfest this week.

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