Own ‘The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary’ on DVD Today

If you haven’t heard by now, ‘The Messengers: A Podcasting Documentary’ has begun screening to podcasting fans and they love it!  The film received a standing ovation at this year’s Podfest when the credits rolled.

‘The Messengers: A Podcast Documentary’ is a journey through the modern world of podcasting uncovering the magic behind why podcasters do what they do.  It features many of the names you recognize in the podcasting space like Dave Jackson, Rob Walch, Katie Krimitsos, Jessica Kupferman, Jessica Rhodes, Glenn the Geek, John Lee Dumas, Jared Eisley, Danny Pena, and more.

We had a chance to screen the movie at Podfest this year, and it was moving.  It provides podcasters with the reassurance that what they do matters.  It is also an excellent story about the power of podcasting that can convince to more people to check out podcasts.

If you haven’t seen it yet, I strongly recommend that you head over to themessengersdoc.com and watch the trailer.  That alone should convince that podcasts matter and your show can have an enormous impact on the lives of people around the world.

Did you watch it?  Wasn’t it great? Well, what are you waiting for?  Now is your chance to get a copy of this spectacular movie via DVD and show your love for podcasting with collectible merchandise. The movie will be coming to the iTunes store, but this IndieGogo campaign is your only chance to own a physical copy of ‘The Messengers’ on DVD.

This campaign is not a fundraiser to produce the movie.  That part is done, and the community came through in a big way to make this film a reality.  this latest campaign is a way for you to own a piece of podcasting history along with the commemorative book, bracelet, and sticker so you can proudly proclaim that you are a messenger.

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