May The Podcast Marketing Be With You

A friend of mine attending San Diego Comic-Con this week snapped a picture of this flyer. He posted it to our Facebook group of nerd friends.  It provided a great chuckle for us nerds that love Star Wars. But upon closer inspection, I discovered this was so much more than just a Start Wars joke.  This was actually an example of brilliant podcast marketing.

If you can’t see it that well, the bottom of the flyer reads as follows (full-size flyer below)

A STEELE WARS PODCAST PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: A daily FREE podcast from Star Wars Celebration Europe | San Diego Comic Con iTunes, or FREE iphone app. Tweet/Insta sticker to @steelewars

My friend got this from “a mom dressed as Leia and her little girl dressed as Rey.’ I’m not sure why they were passing it out, but I think Steele Saunders was brilliant here. Any casual attendee at Comic-Con is likely to grab this flyer to see what it’s all about. Every Star Wars fan is going to be curious about Luke Skywalker. And, if people grab it, they’ll read the bottom and realize that this is a clever promotional tool. Which I believe means they are probably going to give Steele a chance.  

As an added benefit, this fan now has something in their hand with all of your information.  That means you don’t have to rely on them to memorize the show’s name or your social media. It also means that when they go home and look through all of their mementos, they’ll probably see this again and actually act upon it.   

It sure beats going around and simply asking every single person you run into to at a massive convention to listen to your podcast. Especially when you are at a place that may attract some folks who are not into podcasting yet.  By effectively tapping into to an emotional moment for fans of Star Wars, Steele may have actually recruited new fans to podcasting.

Maybe this will provide you with a creative idea for your next podcast marketing campaign. That being said, don’t just copy what he did here. Find something that is important to your potential community of listeners. No one is going to respect a copycat.

Do or do not, there is no try.


Steele Wars Podcast Promotion

Photo credit to Joe Censoplano

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  1. I really love his work, his episodes with Gonk droid are hilarious!

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