Introducing Podcasteasy with Matt Coco [AUDIO]

A while back we were super excited to share with you news that someone was developing a CRM solution specifically for podcasters. Matt Coco has been hard at work on his Podcasteasy software and is getting closer to introducing it to the masses.

We decided to check in with Matt to see his progress and try to get under the hood of this podcast management tool that should make it a bit easier to better manage your personal workflow, or the workflow of an entire team if your production warrants it.

Podcasteasy saves you countless hours of administration, provides helpful planning tools, and makes collaborating on your next show a breeze. We’re making it easier for podcasters to create great shows in less time!

We encourage you hear our conversation with Matt Coco and sign up to be part of their launch pod so you can be among the first to try it out and simplify your podcast production.

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