Improving the Listener Experience with Podcast Brunch Club [AUDIO]

We spend a lot of time on podtopod helping the podcast producer. So it was fun to step away from that for a moment and look at someone who is improving the listener experience.  This month, I had the amazing pleasure of chatting with Adela Mizrachi, founder of the Podcast Brunch Club (PBC).

The Podcast Brunch Club bills itself as a book club, but for podcasts. Members are given a theme each month and a list of suggested podcasts related to it. They listen on their own time and then meet for brunch (naturally). These meetings often lead to lively discussions about the topic at hand.

There are 12 chapters around the world that meet in person, as well as a virtual group that works the same way, minus the delicious brunch part. It’s free to join, fun to do, and provides you with a brand new network of friends.

It also turns a normally solitary activity, listening to podcasts, into a group activity. I believe this is just the first of its kind in a growing trend towards public consumption of podcast content.

We believe Adela has created an amazing product and we encourage you to hear her talk about it with passion in this latest audio interview. Afterwards, go ahead and sign up for your local chapter, or start your own!

Adela also addresses how podcast producers, which is most of our users, can tap into the PBC as well. We don’t want you to join just to self-promote.  However, if you engage with it correctly, it can be an amazing opportunity to boost your reputation as an expert.

Please enjoy our chat with Adela Mizrachi and keep an eye out for her brand new Podcast Brunch Club podcast.

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