Libsyn Teams Up With iHeartRadio

This is huge news for Libsyn users and the podcasting world in general.  From the iHeartRadio press release

This partnership means that thousands of new podcasts will soon be available on the iHeartRadio podcast platform, which already features thousands of shows and original programs.

Like many of the users who are part of the platform, the Libsyn family is very excited about this news.Rob Walch VP of Podcaster Relations with Libsyn was quoted as saying

“We are very excited to add iHeart Radio as one of our Premier Podcast Publishing Destinations,” said Rob Walch VP of Podcaster Relations with Libsyn. “iHeart Media has the largest reach of any radio or television outlet in America. This is a publishing destination our producers have been asking for and one that will quickly be added to many of the 28,000 podcasts on the Libsyn network.”

There’s nothing not to like in this news.  As a content creator, you have to be excited that your show is going to appear in another audio directory with a lot less effort.  Namely, you had to have your show on the Spreaker platform.  You can submit your show to Spreaker for free, but you had a limitation on how many hours you could use before paying for their premium service.  This should remove that barrier to entry for the thousands of users that are already paying to host their content on Libsyn.

As part of the news coming from Podcast Movement 16, Libsyn also announced an expansion of their Destination Stats feature.

Podcast producers will now be able to measure podcast consumption for each publishing destination with granularity that allows them to identify and evaluate growth of their audience.

Stay tuned, as I am sure we are going to see a ton of exciting headlines from coming out of Podcast Movement 16 continues.


**This article was updated to include a quote from Rob Walch and more details about the Libsyn expanded Stats program. 



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