How Content Creation Works [AUDIO]

A Legend in Digital Content Creation

We were very excited when the good folks at LaunchSquad emailed us with the chance for this interview. Up until now, we’ve been focused on technology and services for podcasters. This week we are bringing you a titan in the podcasting industry with a focus on content creation.

Jason Hoch, is the Chief Content Officer at, the site that easily explains how everyday things work. They produce text content, infographics, videos, and of course podcasts. With a long history of success, Jason has helped to build this brand and especially this podcast network into an absolute goliath in the industry. They recently celebrated their 650 millionth download ahead of the IAB Podcast Upfronts.

How Content Creation Works

Mathew Passy and Jason Hoch

We had the chance to sit down with Jason and tap into his amazing career. It includes time spent with Discovery Networks and WWE. He provides some incredible insights that will help the first-time podcaster and the seasoned pros.

But Wait There’s More

Not only do we get incredible insight from Jason, but he also shares his thoughts on the future. Whether that’s the potential for podcast advertising, new podcast formats, or technology. All of the places where he believes podcasting, and content creation in general, has room to explode.

Please enjoy our conversation with Jason and make sure to check out the amazing shows they are producing at

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