Facebook Live Audio Appears on the Social Network

On Saturday, I attended a podcast meetup where the keynote speaker mentioned that Facebook Live Audio was coming down the pipeline. We had heard that news before, but there was never any real evidence or follow-up.  On Sunday, someone from the meetup tagged me in a post featuring it.

Best we can tell, Facebook Live Audio will be just like Facebook Live video. You decide you are going live and then instead of the camera, you click a microphone, and can just share audio over a static image. The static image can be one of Facebook’s design with your profile pic, or you can just select whatever image you want.

The player will also feature some bouncing wave lines at the bottom to indicate that this is more than just a static image post for people in your timeline. What is yet to be determined is whether you can post pre-produced audio or just go live.  Plenty of software options exist to upload pre-produced video, so we imagine this will happen for audio as well.

It also remains to be seen whether or not Facebook is going to be as enthusiastic with the notifications. When someone starts a Facebook Live Video, the network typically alerts other users. We’ll see if they feel as bullish on audio as something that needs to be brought to the attention of users when it comes to sound as well.

Either way, it is very cool to see Facebook Live Audio in action, and we can’t wait for it to roll out to all users.  Right now, it appears to only be available on Android devices, but I am sure it will roll out to everyone in due time.

As soon as we have access to it we will share some audio on our Facebook page.

Here’s another video of someone showing off how to start one.

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