Discovering Stand Up NY Labs [AUDIO]

At the intersection of 78th St. and Broadway is a comedy club called Stand Up NY. A spot that has seen incredible comics grace their stage.  Talents like Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, Dave Attell, and more. It’s a place that has probably generated millions of laughs. While the club is an important business, we are interested in the laughs being generated upstairs. Inside the Stand Up NY Labs, a content creation lab churning out incredible and professional content.

Stand Up NY Lab

They boast 2 podcast studios. One is a large room with ample space to take video and even host a small live audience. (pictured above) The other is a brand new room with four mics and a large, 4-panel display that can keep all of the hosts/guests informed during the recording. (pictured below)

Stand Up NY

I had the pleasure of testing that second studio with co-founder Dani Zoldan as we talked about the labs and their mission there. You can also listen below.

Dani talked about their current lineup of professionally produced shows, include including Tuesdays With Stories , Race Wars, The J-Train Podcast, and more. They are also always looking for other folks with a built-in audience and a penchant for comedy to join their network.

But Stand Up NY Labs is going a step farther. They are taking their expertise in producing content and being funny, and offering it to brands. Increasingly brands want to create their own content.  However, most of them don’t have the comedic chops to get it done. That’s where a Stand Up NY Labs could help. It’s a really clever business model. It gives companies the opportunity to develop consumer friendly, social content without having to keep a team of funny people on the books.

In this case, it also comes with another advantage.  It allows brands to tap into the long-standing relationships that Stand Up NY has with comedians and their followers. Now a brand gets marketing material that will entertain while informing. And if they are lucky, they may also get to piggyback off the already existing audience these entertainers have developed.

This is not an easy venture. And it’s probably not for everyone. In fact, as you’ll hear in the conversation between Dani and myself, these kinds of production houses may be better left to the procasters. And actually, that led to an even better discussion about a growing divide in the marketplace between amateur podcasters and the professionals playing in the same sandbox.

That’s a whole other topic to explore. For now, I invite you to check out their existing shows and listen to my chat with co-founder Dani Zoldan about Stand Up NY Labs. Another sign of the massive progression taking place in the digital audio industry.

This article was written by Mathew Passy, Podcast Producer/Consultant at MPassy Productions

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