Better Facebook Marketing with Tom Tate of AWeber [Audio]

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in the Mid-Atlantic Podcast Conference (MAPCON) in Southern New Jersey. It was an incredible experience filled with some amazingly insightful speakers, fun activities, and awesome networking.

I owe you a full write up on that experience but since I am already behind in posting things, I want to focus right now on just one of those presentations. This speaker was only given 8 minutes to talk, but he delivered a huge amount of insight in that time. Today, we get to go a little bit deeper.

He’s Tom Tate, Product Marketing Manager at AWeber, an email marketing solution. Interestingly, Tom didn’t talk about email marketing, although I promise to bring him back on for that topic as well. Tom focused on Facebook ads and how to use the massive social network to effectively promote your podcast.

‘No One Else Would Know’ Trick

One of the key takeaways from Tom’s presentation and our chat is the idea of niche interest targeting. For example, if you do a podcast about golf, you might think to target people who like Tiger Woods, since he is, in fact, a golfer. The problem is, everyone likes (I use that term loosely) Tiger Woods because he is a worldwide superstar. So any ad that includes that term could include folks who know about golf but aren’t passionate about it. You might even try Phil Mickelson, but he too has a reach that extends to even the most casual golf fan. Instead, Tom suggests you take Digital Marketer’s advice and target fans of Bubba Watson.

Facebook Ads

The reason you want to target Bubba Watson with your Facebook ad is because he is not a worldwide brand and only passionate golf fans would probably recognize it. If they are passionate enough to know who he is, they may be passionate enough to check out a podcast about golf.

The reason this is important is because Facebook charges you for every impression they deliver. You don’t want to pay good money for thousands of impressions aimed at people who casually like golf. You want passionate fans who are more likely to invest time into a podcast about the topic.

Target Your Guests Audience

Another smart tip Tom shared was targeting your guests’ audience. So if you are lucky enough to land a big name guest, you can do more than just hope the guest promotes it to their audience.

For example, Tom was lucky enough to land Jerod Morris on his podcast “Ask Me About Email Marketing.” Jerod was with Copyblogger at the time of the interview. Tom went ahead and targeted fans of Copyblogger on Facebook because he believed that this audience would recognize the name and be more inclined to check out his show. He said it worked!

When fans of a big name guest or expert see a name they recognize, they will be more likely to check out a podcast from someone who’s name they don’t. Most people didn’t recognize Tom Tate’s name, but because they knew Jerod, they were willing to check out what he had to say and boosted Tom’s numbers.

Tom also went into some helpful hints about retargeting ads through Facebook but you’ll have to click play below to learn more.

More Than Facebook

The important thing is that these principles can work beyond Facebook. Consider using them with Twitter, Google, and more. The idea is to make sure you are wisely spending your advertising dollars on people who are most likely to listen to your show. Targeting everyone in the United States ages 18-55 will create a massive potential audience. But the chance of those folks being interested in your content is slim. Don’t just pay for meaningless impressions, focus on high-quality impressions by targeting the people who share your passion.

Check out the full interview with Tom below and stay tuned, because we at podtopod are looking forward to learning more from him in the coming months.

Tom Tate is the Product Marketing Manager at AWeber.  He also hosts two podcast, Ask Me About Email Marketing and Power Time Podcast (a fun show about classic Nintendo). You can follow him on Twitter at Twitter @tnrt.

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